Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trip west was sulfur-ifically exciting

After three hours of sitting on a runway at LaGuardia International Airport the night of June 19, and the single glass of water and the mini granola bar issued to her long gone, Alice Norris got off her US ...more

How to quit work for a year

Imagine this. At 6 o'clock this Friday you leave the office - " as usual. Only this time it isn't like usual, for you at least.

Lion, tigers and bear, Oh My

Agents seize seven animals from unlicensed operator By Michael R. Moser / mmoser@crossville-chronicle.com Concern for the safety of area residents coupled with alleged violations of state and federal permit ...more

The case of the red-shanked grasshopper

Two fbi agents and a Bakersfield police officer walked into the Bohart Museum of Entomology at UC Davis four years ago carrying a car radiator and air filter splattered with insects.

A Novice Kayaks the Apostles

People used to say I had a dream job. Working for several boat manufacturers, I spent a decade traveling the world: Italy, New York, Miami, the Bahamas.

Trip west was sulfur-ifically exciting

Over the last few years-OK, I'm just going to warn you right up front that this column has no real point-I've had several excursions during the summer vacations, all of which were pretty exciting.

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