Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Exotic Car Rental Comparison

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Are there really Affordable Exotic Cars out there, or am I limited to Exotic Car Rental and dreams?

 It’s July 2007 and I’ll be 32 years old soon. I sit here thinking back to when I was a kid in my elementary school days, dreaming about Exotic Cars, drawing them in class and collecting magazine cutouts along with posters to tac up on my wall. I remember joking with my best friend Reggie, about how “There’s no way we will be able to afford an

Thanks for the advice Paul!

[ Biikini photo shoot on beach]  ”Paul, I wanted to send you a picture of a recent photo shoot some models did with my car out on the beach! Man, you should have been here! By following your steps and guidance you have in your book, for buying my Exotic Car on a Budget, I was able to buy the car of my dreams!

Video - Exotic Car Rental -or- Affordable Exotic Car

Here’s a video posted here of some Exotic Cars playing around. Check out the area where it says how much these cars cost! VIDEO

Exotic Car Rental Comparison

So what are the benefits of Exotic Car Rentals? Well, where do I begin....? They are GREAT! So much fun and excitement when you blast down main street with onlookers turning and pointing in awe. But is there a way to find exotic cars that are affordable and actually own one? I mean, it seems the only way us regular folks will ever be able to drive

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