Monday, March 26, 2007

Las Vegas: City of kitsch purchases

The luxury auto rental company is home to a diverse fleet of white cars that are perfect for every wedding ceremony.

Travel agent can ease the burdens

... finding the best on-shore excursion tours. 'It's always less expensive to purchase packages that include air travel, car rental and hotel accommodations,' Turner observed. 'A good agent takes the hassle of researching all that's out there online.' ...more

Historic Homes

... snake handling was next door working and came to the Hineses' rescue. "It turned out the snake was a refugee from the exotic snake collection of a neighbor who lived down the street," she says. She jokes good-naturedly about the downside to living ...more

Club Otto, A Car Club For Boston Drivers

Posted Mar 23rd 2007 3:33PM by Deidre Woollard Filed under: Services , Wheels I've seen car clubs in New England but not one in Boston.

Las Vegas: City of kitsch purchases

... in Las Vegas, or largely for Las Vegas, does not have to stay in Vegas. With the proper motivation (and ideally a rental car), sleuth shoppers can uncover an array of stores. Gambler's Book Shop This has to be one of the most comprehensive of ...more

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