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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

2008 Mercedes-Benz GL550

By JENNIFER SARANOW Honey, I Wrecked the Porsche Call it a metaphor for a prosperous, risk-embracing age or just call it bad driving Jennifer may be on to something with this statement. Catch her article at She mentions that with automakers turning out the new breed of

F & M Antas Eagle Old School Super Exotic Car

Auto Week describes this exotic car as new but not modern because F & M production methods are in the tradition of the great Italian coachbuilders of the 1930s -1950s. Check out the stunning photos at the Auto Week website. If you want to see this

High Octane Art

Get a load of these beauties. Cool cars … a Baby Boomer’s Nirvana. The 17th Annual Car d’Lane has it all. These lovingly restored works of automotive art speak for themselves. These beauties were found showing out in North Idaho thanks Kerri Thoreson for being on location and letting us know what happens in the far off places

Whatever Floats Your Boat - New Exotic Hybrid Car Headed to the States

I saw this over at Luxist. A post by Rigel Gregg on the Gibbs Aquade Hybrid’s arrival in the United States. How fun would that be to do just once! I’d love to have one because some of the worst traffic where I live in Tampa, FL is on the bridges crossing the bay. For 100k — plus tax, tag, title, and captain’s license –  looks like I have found

2008 Mercedes-Benz GL550

[ 040420071519203295.jpg]    When we crowned a Mercedes-Benz GL450 king of our Top-Rung Sport-Utes in October 2006, at no point did anyone ever say anything remotely similar to, “Boy, this thing just needs more power.” With the 4.7-liter V-8 whipping up 335 horsepower, we recorded the quickest 0-to-60-mph dash in the group—6

Exotic Car Rental Comparison

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Are there really Affordable Exotic Cars out there, or am I limited to Exotic Car Rental and dreams?

 It’s July 2007 and I’ll be 32 years old soon. I sit here thinking back to when I was a kid in my elementary school days, dreaming about Exotic Cars, drawing them in class and collecting magazine cutouts along with posters to tac up on my wall. I remember joking with my best friend Reggie, about how “There’s no way we will be able to afford an

Thanks for the advice Paul!

[ Biikini photo shoot on beach]  ”Paul, I wanted to send you a picture of a recent photo shoot some models did with my car out on the beach! Man, you should have been here! By following your steps and guidance you have in your book, for buying my Exotic Car on a Budget, I was able to buy the car of my dreams!

Video - Exotic Car Rental -or- Affordable Exotic Car

Here’s a video posted here of some Exotic Cars playing around. Check out the area where it says how much these cars cost! VIDEO

Exotic Car Rental Comparison

So what are the benefits of Exotic Car Rentals? Well, where do I begin....? They are GREAT! So much fun and excitement when you blast down main street with onlookers turning and pointing in awe. But is there a way to find exotic cars that are affordable and actually own one? I mean, it seems the only way us regular folks will ever be able to drive

exotic car rental video stuff. Exotic Cars playing around, lol!

At Signature Days, we believe that memorable experiences—the experiences that enrich us, challenge us, or simply entertain us—make the perfect gift. Choose from thousands of unique gift experiences, and give the people in your life a day they’ll never forget. Quality is ensured, because each Signature Days experience is provided by a best-in-class

I can’t afford an Exotic Car, so I’ll just rent an Exotic Car

I can’t afford an Exotic Car, so why even bother looking   Ah yes… the title above is the most common misconception people have when they hear the words “Exotic Car”. However, my guide will describe and price, the most beautiful Exotic Cars, that will totally shock you. So, what if you have never been through the process of something as

I rented an exotic car down in Florida. It was o.k….

Yea I did have alot of fun, but too expensive… I haven’t seen any guides like yours anywhere so I think I will probably check it out. I always wanted to own an exotic car but never really knew how to look into it. The stuff you talk about seems fair so why not see what you are talking about. …….Mojo Man oh yea,

I rented a Ferrari in Las Vegas but…

I saw your website over on on how to find affordable exotic cars and saw this site too. Looks like some good stuff you have there. For the price I paid renting the Ferrari for a few hours, I could have bought a thousand of your books lol and saved for my own exotic, lol! Too much money for babying a stupid rental car

exotic car rental video stuff. Exotic Cars playing around, lol!

Dude, here’s the video. I’ll try to paste it below.

Are there really affordable EXOTIC CARS I can buy? Should I just rent?

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Exotic Car Rental - Compared to Buying an Affordable Exotic Car on a Budget

I often laugh at the way people look, right after I tell them I’m on my second Exotic Car. They are like…. “You own that car? …but …but … how?” lol! It’s typical that most folks to just go out and do the whole Exotic Car Rental thing, because thats the only way they will be able to drive an Exotic Car. I have done it too,

I set up a website that compares Exotic Car Rental with actually Owning an Exotic Car at There, you will find detailed information on how to go about finding affordable exotic cars and do away with dreams... There's nothing like owning an exotic car and watching people point & stair as you drive by

Find the hertz toronto now

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Are there really affordable EXOTIC CARS I can buy? Should I just rent?

Two Exotic Cars in 6 years isn’t bad… especially when I’m NOT rich. So why are people so surprised when I tell them I got my first exotic car when I was 26 years old and I’m on my second now? Well, because everyone thinks you need to be rich to own an exotic car, that’s why. Luckily, I found out how to find and buy exotic cars on a budget