Friday, April 13, 2007

Resolved Question: Exotic Car Rentals in New York City or JFK Airport?

I want to get him something special or make him something special. I love the ideas that I have seen about getting rentals for exotic cars or front row basketball tickets, but he's NOT a sports fan and I am a college student, so I cant yet afford the car rental. He's really into street racing, import cars, he loves when I give him pictures of us (though I have run out of creative things to do with them since I already made him an pic frame and I dont have time to do a scrapbook). He doesn't like nascar, only import stuff. I was wondering if any guy thinks giving him a nice professional massage would be good. Please help me with more suggestions. I don't want to buy him any more clothes or video games or movies, I want to do something that will either be really exciting for him or something he can keep. I have only until 1 month :( Please keep it at $75 or less. Please nothing dealing with alcohol or sex, I want to do something sentimental/memorable and tasteful

Resolved Question: Car rental help in cleveland?

i, Im trying to rent a exotic car such as the aston martin, bently ,ect.. for my seniorprom and i was wondering if anyone had some websites i might be able to check out..

Resolved Question: exotic car rentals in los angeles??

Does anyone know of any exotic car rental companies in los angeles it's a per hour and NOT per day rental?? my bf's dream car is a lamborghini gallardo and the only places i can find are per day thanks!

Resolved Question: Seattle Area Exotic Car Rental?

I am looking for a place that rents high-end luxury cars and sports cars/ exotics. (For example: Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, BMW, etc.) Please Help!!

Resolved Question: Exotic Car Rentals in New York City or JFK Airport?

Exotic Car Rentals in New York City or JFK Airport?
I have 2 friend coming to town this May and looking for a Good Exotic Car Rentals in New York City or JFK Airport. we tried Enterprise and Hertz Exactly and no luck with exotic cars, then we tried action but we didn't like the reviews. Any suggestions where they rent an exotic car like Corvette convertible or Lexus ls460 (2007) or any Nice Convertible not more then $400 per day ?