Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cheap Thrill$

... freeway that takes me to the airport. But it is lined with great snack shops on seemingly every block that beckon my rental car to the curb. Soon I am thinking, "What's wrong with just one last quick stop for kalua pork, Korean-style ribs, homemade ...more

College students now study 'abroad' -- in the U.S.

College students who opt for a semester in exotic locales, such as Hawaii, may spend more time on their tans and less on their studies.

Insurers can cover most anything, but is it worth it?

... is canceled, Reid, who paid $520 for the policy, will be reimbursed up to $50,000 for everything from the venue rental to food and flowers. Reid said she hired reputable caterers, photographers, and florists likely to offer refunds or at the very ...more

Humble Hercules

... Strongman events, a favorite ESPN filler, feature contestants tugging, flipping, carrying and pushing large and often exotic objects. In 2002 on a New Orleans dock, Pfister harnessed himself to a 300-ton riverboat and pulled it 50 feet in the water. ...more

Cheap Thrill$

Charlotte isn't an expensive city. If you think so, just check out other cities' rental listings on Craigslist.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blog Hoonage: Stop Being Mean To The Robots!

Blog Hoonage: Stop Being Mean To The Robots!

Jalopnik: • GM attempts to backpedal on their week of boo-boos by replacing insensitivity of people with, well, insensitivity of robots. • Word has it, you can't fix a Prius with a twig. • Isn't "Exotic Car Club" kind of the same thing as "Really Expensive Rental Service For Men Overcompensating ...more